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The Flexispeed

Flexispeed is an IT company which concentrate on IT Administrating projects, designing, running and supporting various kind of services on IT section. The Flexispeed is organized by professional team which works bravely on projects to have the best quality and performance for the business owners who want to rely on the progress of their concepts.

Business owners always trying to increase the size of business and to speed up the profitability of the company, the more they go ahead the more they feel the need to have a well-conceived IT system solution which considered various kind of sectors and factors, of course they all need to be nicely implemented and that is all we talk about.

The Flexispeed started up in Berlin with the goal of providing the named factors for business owners, to ease the way of using simple solution which suits the managers and release the busy minds on IT section.

Meet our team

Mohsen Sayah


Mario Cruz


Karsten Ghadimi

Digital Marketing Manager

Special Features

Special Customers

We say that we do our best on our support, every business looks forward for a quick response from the support team and that is what we are doing all about.

Special Customers

There are always situations which is out of standard support plan, there is nothing to be worried about we will make you out of that situations.

Special Customers

For special customers there are special offers with special services.