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WiFi Hospitality

Enjoy the ease of using internet.


Now a day connectivity to internet is highly important which makes the business holders to have it as an offer for their customers.

Usually it is just simple to provide the internet access in a districted area and let the customer using that, however there are a couple of items which should be remembered. Such as:

How about increasing the range of connectivity area? How about the security of the connectivity? How about limit the attacks to the connectivity? How about the ways to manage the connectivity? And so many reasons to think about.

Most of the solutions are just to let a router to serve the connectivity for the customers, it works but it is not enough to answer all of our requirement. As it named above there are lots of items which should be highly considered about.

So let’s make a comprehensive solution which covers lots of the needed factors in it.

Range of Connectivity

There are a couple of factors which is important to be thought about, the size of internet connectivity coverage and the range of active users at the same time.
There are lots of problems to increase the range of connectivity coverage considering the building material, other radio signals and so many other items which can be within it.
Finally based on the size of area, there is a need of providing the internet access for a range of number of users, for example the hotels which are supposed to provide the internet access for a large amount of users comparing to the restaurants or a small bar.


It is highly important to provide a safe internet access for our customers, which is roughly thought against the abuse and attacks within our connectivity.
There is always someone who wants to break into the network and abusing the connectivity and the transferred data within it, for any reason, so it feels better to give the safety to users to let them access the internet in safety.

Commercial usage

Now a day it is common to provide the internet access for customers with charge a fee for that, for this such of places there are various kind of solutions which make the job simply done without having any stress to think about how it would work.

Non-Commercial Usage

As there are places with a charge on providing internet access, there are so many other places that provide internet access just for free, there can be any reason behind that, mostly it is related to advertisement or for education reasons.
There are ways to provide the connectivity and deliver it for each user in various ways, we can introduce them all to you based on your need.

The good news is that you don't even need to think about how you can to handle all of this, you can just hand it to us and we will do it for you in a suitable solution.